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Our online game servers

Check out our game servers

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Check out our game servers

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Community reviews


Independent Reviews

Even we have our partners, we are still fully indepenent on reviewing game content, mods, plugins, maps and closed beta’s/alpha’s. We dont get paid for these reviews as what most reviews are or likes being generated from it. Our content is fully driven by the community that have experience with the games we review. We share our experiences we had with you. 

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Mods, workshop items and more

When you search on the internet for a solution, you most likely ending up somewhere that’s not being able to give you the needed information for the goal you are aiming for. All mods we use for our mods as that from mods and allowed addons in the gaming sector will be explained and several examples are provided with them. Keep in mind, we promote them, we dont own them.

Together, we standing stronger when it comes to protecting the owners of their creations and providing the needed promotions we all need. 

Pastebin examples & prefab downloads

When it comes to coding, sometimes people dont know what they have to do in order to make it work. We provide several examples of Json files from several plugins that are listed at the workshop mods for DayZ or on the Umod website for Rust. These examples are freely to be used for your server creations and setup. 

For those rustedit editors, we also provide some awesome free downloadable prefabs we created in our editor that you only may use in your creations. Check out the list today!

Discord connected

Almost everything goes through discord when it comes to our community. No annoying account needed, just pure gameplay and fun! Start enjoying playing games without hackers, scammers or macro script users. Our team takes care of the rotten apples in between. Join our discord today and let us know who you are and if you play or going to play on our servers. If we dont have the game, dont worry! Everyone is welcome.

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