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Welcome to gaminghq, your online platform for online gaming. Join with the team, clan or community on our online game servers that are 100% hacker free and monitored 24/7 by our team. with over more then 100 players already signed up, would you be the next player that joins? 

About us

We are GamingHQ, an online community that is aiming on great gaming experiences on game servers that are 100% monitored and clean by keeping the hackers out. We provide awesome team play, Tournaments, Monitored Game Servers to play on, Reviews and a great experience with other gamers in the community.

GamingHQ stands up when it comes to Hackers, Scammers, SkinGambling sites and getting rid of them, creating a safe doorway for gamers to give them just that extra of protection for a good day of gaming. Are you our next member in the community?

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By signing up, you create for yourself a great page where you can express yourself. Who you are, what your favorite games are, what console you play on you name it.


by signing up, you are able to join our giveaways and playing in the tournaments for awesome prizes and rewards!


The community itself has several great teams that you are able to join. However, teams and clans are welcome as well to join our servers!

99% server upkeep

With a minor of outages a year, we provide a 99% guarantee of game servers that are running with anti-DDOS protection

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