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Youtube videos and Twitch Streams

When it comes to online gameplay, we provide each day you with new gaming content from our partners and members itself. Even your videos could be added.

Game Reviews

We create Game reviews from games that are recently released or released for a long time ago. Trusted reviews are something you never have seen before. We don’t get paid for making a game review, so our conclusions and feelings about a game are independent.

Gaming Groups & Forums

Check out awesome Gaming groups created by the community itself, join them and talk about your experiences, share your gameplay with others and help out your fellow gamers with a quest or anything else game related in our forum section. 

Gaming Servers

As a special gift from our partners, We are able to provide several Gameservers that’s available for everyone. These containing at the moment Rust and battlefield 4.

Giveaways & Game Events 

With our partners together, we are able to create awesome giveaways for the community! Gift cards, discount codes or even free games are parts of our giveaways and events. 

Contribute to GamingHQ!

You are now even able to contribute to GamingHQ! Send in your game reviews, updates and leaks to the chain of a stronger GamingHQ tomorrow.

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