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Welcome to GamingHQ
Your online community for games

Welcome to GamingHQ

Welcome to GamingHQ, your online platform for online gaming with friends, family, and of course, the community itself. GamingHQ stands for an awesome gaming experience on our game servers, independent gaming news, awesome giveaways, and many more. We are one of the few communities that are taking care of mostly everything to keep our game servers clean of hackers, scammers, and annoying users that don’t belong on game servers at all.

GamingHQ supports streamers with a goal, supports other communities with possible needs, and fights against scams across the web when it comes to the games that we are active in. GamingHQ helps where it needs and works closely with several partners when it comes to game translations.

200+ Members

200+ members

Together, we have over 200+ active users playing on our game servers. From Deadside till the game Rust, gaminghq has its gaming servers running over 3 years.

5+ Game servers

5+ Game servers

With 5 game servers and counting, we are the leading platform of awesome gaming without the rotten apples inside. No toxic, no hackers, just you and gaming.

5+ Communities

5+ Communities

As a community, you are freely welcome to join gaminghq and tag along with us when it comes to gaming. Server costs are high enough already these days, let’s share it!

4+ Streamers

4+ Streamers

We love new beginning streamers to give them a chance in growing bigger to provide awesome gaming content. 4 awesome house streamers and the sponsored members from Twitch and YouTubers are standing ready for duty.

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Community news

Deadside News


  • Deadside Game server news

    Double loot – Safehold PvE e...

    Good morning folks, Noize here with today’s information about an ongoing event! This weekend, players will be able to obtain double the loot on Safehold. This means that the chances are higher to obtain some good loot from AI, crates,…

  • Deadside

    Deadside Starter kit – Safeh...

    Today, we have updated our starters kit for the players who died and respawned. As normally, you would end up with just a knife and some shitty clothing. Well, we changed that to nice jeans set that provides you with…

  • Deadside

    A new moderator – Tine ̵...

    As we are working hard on the community, it is time to expand a bit. As we announced the message that we would be looking for a new moderator on deadside, was there a few people that replied on it….

  • Deadside

    Minor issues – Deadside Beta...

    Good morning survivors, Noize here with today’s information.. Deadside 0.1.8. As the devs recently released the new update, does it contain a few minor issues. But, before we are going to talk about that, please if you haven’t joined our…

  • Deadside

    Deadside Patch – 0.1.8

    It is coming boys. As everything is going as planned, it should be coming online today! Check out the patch notes here. Once the update has hit the table, we will be performing a wipe in order to give everyone…

  • Deadside

    Misinformation about Deadside R...

    Good morning guys, noize here with a quick update on deadside. Yesterday, we released a new topic about the upcoming update of deadside. However, this news post had a tiny mistake based on the information I have talked about. At…

Rust News


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Community reviews


Independent Reviews

Even we have our partners, we are still fully indepenent on reviewing game content, mods, plugins, maps and closed beta’s/alpha’s. We dont get paid for these reviews as what most reviews are or likes being generated from it. Our content is fully driven by the community that have experience with the games we review. We share our experiences we had with you. 

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