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Gameserver: Rust – Rustorica PvE 

The Rustorica PvE server is an online game server with the game rust. We provide montly patches and updates towards our modded map called “rustorica”, a forgotten place in the middle of the sea. Aboundened by the Russians, that worked on a new weapon but it badly went out of control. The nature has slowly taken over the landscape but your stuck on it with only a rock and a tourch. Are you dare to enter this wonderfull map with custom monuments, caves, treasures and wildlife?

Gameserver: DayZ – Arkadian PvE – Hardcore/Roleplay survival

In for some hardcore roleplay survival? Then we would love to introduce you towards our Arkadian PvE server! A DayZ server with a load of mods, including the famous known Airdrop Upgraded, Trader, FIDOv4 and more! With several exentions to make the game even more fun to be played such as awesome cars to be driven in like the nissan skyline GTR, RAPTOR or as a true farmer in a Zil-130 trough the city. Are you up for a awesome time while risking your life time to time not to die?

Gameserver: DayZ – Arkadian PvE – Livonia 95% vanilla

More into adventure? Tryout the new Livonia map here on GamingHQ! Without to many mods, you can still enjoy a great time on livonia. Search for your favorite spot or ask the admin if he is online for a drive around. He would love it to show you the way a bit in livonia. He is located on the right top corner of the map in a single house. Keep in mind, there are no zombies here nether a safe zone, but driving like a mad man could provide some intense close quater fights to protect the survivors from the zeds. 

The power of Discord

Almost everything goes trough discord when it comes towards our community. No anoying account needed, just pure gameplay and fun! Start enjoying playing games without hackers, scammers or macroscipt users. Our team takes care of the rotten apples in between. Join our discord today and let us know who you are and if you play or going to play on our servers. If we dont have the game, dont worry! Everyone is welcome.

Steam Workshop plugins, Mods & allowed addons.

When you search on the internet for a solution, you mostlikely ending up somewhere that’s not being able to give you the needed information for the goal you are aiming for. All mods we use for our mods as that from mods and allowed addons in the gaming sector, will be explained and several examples are provided with them. Keep in mind, we promote them, we dont own them. Together, we standing stronger when it comes to protecting the owners of their creations and providing the needed promotions we all need. 

Independent Reviews

Even we have our partners, we are still fully indepenent on reviewing game content, mods, plugins, maps and closed beta’s/alpha’s. We dont get paid for these reviews as what most reviews are or likes being generated from it. Our content is fully driven by the GamingHQ community.

Our Latest Creations
Our latest creations when it comes to online mapping for our community members, Game translations from our partners and more!
The latest news and highlights

Huge DDOS – Rustorica PvE Server unstable

Good morning everyone. Recently, our server got crashed again during a massive DDOS attack. This is the 3rd time in a row and sadly enough, we are one of the ta...Read More

Rustorica update – Radiation disaster

Mayday! It is code red. Recently, Radiation clouds came from the broken Power Plant and it is moving from monument to monument. The wind we have isn’t goo...Read More

Lets get more realistic – Workbench limit

Today, we have added a new plugin to our server! We want to have a fully realistic server and to make that happen, we requested some plugins. As we waited for a...Read More

GamingHQ – Changes depending on website

Hello everyone! We want to inform you that we are going to take the website down for a full revamp. Now, you might be thinking.. didn’t you did this last ...Read More

Rustorica News – Upcoming FacePunch Patch

Good afternoon everyone! Noize here with the special delivery of the monthly upcoming updates. Every month, I’m trying to search for information for the n...Read More

Closing down DayZ – Reasons

Today, we will be closing down our last DayZ server. This comes unexpectedly for those playing on it, but we have to talk with you about something when it comes...Read More

About Us

About us

We are GamingHQ, an online Gaming community in the gaming sector for over 7 years and counting. As started from the ground up, this is what we are now. We provide several game developers the power in translations when there is an assignment for us. Besides that, we are even active in online gaming itself, Game reviews, Game translations, Game testing, Mapping, design work and more.

All our game servers are monitored for 24H and monthly updated. These game servers are free to join for everyone!

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Please note: All code snippets and examples are based on our use of the mods/workshop items that we use for our GameServers. We dont have a huge Database… yet.

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