19 users banned within 24H – DayZ drama on elmstreet

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Good morning folks, noize here with the latest update depending on our game server DayZ, our discord, and the drama depending on the DMCA complaint of the advanced airdrop. We have removed all coding from this mod and will not provide examples anymore due to the reason that the advanced airdrop was removed by a user that claimed to be his workshop item. Steam went nuts and toke the plugin down.

As of that, people started to rage. Accusing other people of pitching up the fire. We have banned 19 users in the past 24H depending on this subject only. 9 of them were on our DayZ server and 10 of them through social media/discord. We are not the owners of this plugin and we do not like it when people join our discord server to start complaining like a 12-year-old kid making ads for your own channels.

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We have also banned a troller that liked to use the name of the owner of the plugin called “DiGiaComTech”. 4 of them with different kinds of discord numbers joined our server and started randomly to insult. This is not the DayZ community anymore that i knew in the past. If people would be really going this far, then why would we still be running a DayZ server after all?

What would you think? shall we keep going with the dayz server or should we close it? Let us know about it!


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