2 dutch Youtubers arrested in AREA 51

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2 dutch Youtubers from the Netherlands are recently arrested in the state of America on the AREA 51 location. Their car was loaded with camera’s, drones and a load of batteries to keep them running. As they have ignored the signs that the location is strictly forbidden for every visitor, was the signs for the 2 dutch YouTubers nothing more than a joke.

These 2 YouTubers are known as their experienced recordings in abandoned hospitals, facilities, mansions and they even visited the old nickelodeon game show ”splatalot” which was running on the TV for several years.

These kind of videos are risky to be recorded as they are trespassing and violating several rules. NOTE: this is not from one of the YouTubers that got arrested.

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They can get a huge bill of thousands of dollars or even worse, jail time. Who knows what will happen and who knows if we would hear more from this. We all know by now that the FBI visited the creator behind the ”AREA 51” event on social media ”Facebook” and redraw the event into an event nearby the day after.

As this all started with a simple joke, the world wide web can make it into something viral and without you even knowing it, it might be too late. For example, in the Netherlands, there was a girl turning 16. She invited her friends on facebook but posted the invite in the public instead of friends only. It ended up as a fully remake of ”project X”



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