200 GB – Full call of duty install

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Willing to go nuts for a game and reservation 200 GB for the game itself? Well, call of duty players does have that actually! Recently, the next patch of call of duty has reached the 200GB while on ps4, this is 20 GB less than the PC, making it an average of 175GB ish.

The creators of call of duty promised that with every single update they are making that they try to compress as much as possible, but with patches of the game, every single time that can end up above the 20 GB’s of a patch, makes patching a game more of a challenge than actually just a few bugfixes.

With the upcoming release of the new call of duty 2020, we presume that this number could even increase even more. If the Single player of Mw2 remastered contains 70GB+ worth of content, then it should be for sure that the next-gen call of duty will be mentally big.

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The game itself has already over 60 million players playing worldwide. Infinity Ward and Infinity Ward have been very proactive in listening to the players’ feedback. Next season patch could mean that there might be some map changes coming. Rumors of this are even actually confirming this, making the map a bit different from what it is now.

“The changes include a revamp of the game’s large football stadium to include an open interior, and the addition of a loot-filled train which will continuously circle the game map”

The developers have been constantly making great playlist changes both to Modern Warfare and Warzone. Let us see what’s coming upon next!


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