5 days remaining – Radsz PvP

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Good morning soldiers. Its just 5 days remaining until users will be able to raid each other. During the buildup progress, everyone is able to build their base without having the fear of being raided the next morning. As because we had a forced wipe 2 days after the wipe to see if everything worked fine as we had some issues with the cave systems, the timer has been reset. So, instead of 3 days remaining, its 5 days remaining. Keep that in mind.

We will be also updating the reward store with a few more goodies that users are able to buy. Think of water pistols, fireworks, and other items that normally would require a DLC or a paid item in order to make it. Keep in mind, if you don’t own the DLC or item itself in your steam inventory, then you can only obtain it by buying it from others.

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About the bugged puzzles, this is a rust edit issue. Not related to FacePunch. They have fixed it in the editor, so ill be checking and testing on the localhost to see if everything is working fine and going fine without issues so that we can bring it into the game the next wipe. If users would like to see some kind of a “branch” in some kind of our map, let us know. Who knows we might be able to release something like that.



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