A new moderator – Tine – Safehold server

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As we are working hard on the community, it is time to expand a bit. As we announced the message that we would be looking for a new moderator on deadside, was there a few people that replied on it. Between those people that replied on it, was there one person that was shining bright like a diamond.

Today, we want to welcome Tine to our team. Tine will be taking care of the Deadside server of us. Providing support for the hackers, scammers and rotten apples to be removed from the playing field. We hope that Tine will enjoy his position here in the community.

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We want to also let you know that if there would be any ongoing issues, That you can contact Tine in order to resolve it. If its something big and tine is not able to resolve this, then tine will let us know about it so that we can take the needed actions.

If you would hop on Deadside today and joining our server, make sure you join our discord as well! Together, its a hella lot more fun then if you would be playing alone.


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