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About GamingHQ

GamingHQ provides daily Game content for you that is provided by game developers around the world. We pick only the best fresh news and highlights that you have to know. Not just some patch or update but the real deal. When there is a nerf, a complete disaster of the development team or complete chaos of a broken game, we would love to make it news.  GamingHQ supports many game developers including Gameforge, NCsoft, Kolibrigames, Exodus, Chubby pixel and many more.

Transparency is the key to success

100% fully independent!

As we said, we want to have only the best news and content for our visitors and members. All the news we provide is 100% based on true information that we find on the web and comes straight from our developers. We don’t get paid to promote items, gameplay or giving a good rating on certain games that’s actually bad. 100% transparency means 100% truth and that’s what we provide you.

That’s not one thumb up, but two thumbs up!

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Twitch streams and youtube videos

Streamers & youtubers

Our team has its own twitch or youtube channel that you can check out. We provide gameplay from many games around the globe. Nothing is too weird for us to do. Some of us love to play more MMORPG games while others are more intended to do single-player gameplay or just random gameplay of what they are doing at the moment.

GamingHQ game servers

Awesome game servers

We have several game servers active that you can jump right in! Some servers even have special V.I.P benefits. These special ”V.I.P” packs can be bought in our rewards store with tokens and with a premium account, you even get a 5% discount on all rewards in our store! Think of additional food, building materials or a V.I.P starters package in rust or by having a free reserved slot on battlefield 4. With special thanks to our partner Fragnet for providing these servers!