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As you have might notice, we don’t have a way to sign up for an account on the website. Even there might be a login option, its social side of the community here on the website has been closed for a while. The reason is that we have an awesome discord channel that you can join. We are going to implant a discord only login for creating an account here on the website. But, that’s future talk.

While we are working on the future of gaminghq, a new website is being made from the ground up. Giving the ability for us to do more with less junk on our website. Less junk means better performance and that also means that we would be able to do more for our community itself.

Can we help you?

Yes you can. You can refer your friends to join the community, read the news stories we place on our website, and disabling of the adblocker. Google Adsense is for us the main income source as well for the small objectives we can scavenge.

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We don’t want to ask huge amounts of money, that’s why we are working on a cheap membership of just 9.99 a month. Giving the ability to help us out, queue bypass access to the game servers that are supporting, a “donator” rank on discord, Access to our beta events, music bot on our discord channel.

We won’t give any in-game items as a reward for donating. We are not going into this kind of “memberships and donations”. We have our one of a kind membership. all inclusive, nu bullshittery and can always be canceled at any time.

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If you like to donate only, these links can be used. They go straight to the server hosting page.