Airdrop advanced – DayZ config

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author image by Noize | , , , | 0 Comments | February 7, 2020

How to setup drop tables? One of the many questions we have seen passing by. As there is a LOT of toxic users in the DayZ server, complaining about everything when it comes on “sharing” content or config files. THIS IS MINE, Cant repack, Cant use on monetized servers, bla bla bla. ( They can’t say anything as they uploaded their work to the steam workshop and that means that you basically give ALL your rights away… anyways. )

As some users have requested, hereby some loot drop tables for those wondering how it works. First of all, you make sure that you have the right file in front of you. In this case, its a JSON file that you had to copy and paste in your Profiles folder. In these settings, you search a bit down until you come across the loot tables. The plugin itself has already 3 drops preset. You can ADD airdrop loot tables with ease.

For example, we used a plugin called CJ187 drinks and foods. We want to have this content added to the drop table. So, we first start to copy and paste one of the 3 drop tables and just simply replace this with an edited version under it.

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As you see, we kept most of the code and just replaced its content and naming. Place this correctly under the other drop tables and make sure to close it down properly with “,” otherwise it won’t work. Use a JSON validator in case you dont know what you are doing.

For those interested, we have several code examples listed on the website and will be found in the code examples section.


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