Apps banned, Tiktok drama and paytm – The world in a nutshell.

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Recently, the world is in shock when it comes to the popular app tik tok, an app where people are able to make small little videos, meme’s and such and share these with the world. As there are a lot of users, its almost being banned in the united states of America. However, Donald Trump takes it even further and wanted to chuck in a ban on “WeChat”. sadly, that got backfired quickly as hundreds of students from china in the united states of America are using the app to stay in contact with their loved once’s in their home country.

However, as you thought that this was already a bad thing, India tokes the first price ever since the tik tok scandel ( what trump says.. but ah… its trump. a.k.a Mr drama queen ) and banned over 150 apps to be downloaded and/or used. Some of their namings are well known apps such as Tinder, but also gameapps like PUBG mobile, Call of duty, paytm and more.

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There is however even more drama incoming when it comes to the world of digital games, apps and such. Two days after its main app was taken down from the Google Play Store, payments firm Paytm stated in a new blog post on Sunday called its temporary ban from the Android app store ‘arm-twisting’ by the global search major.

Stating its side of the story, Paytm said Google didn’t give it an opportunity to explain its new cashback sticker feature. The ban amounting to Google insinuating Paytm to be a gambling app, paytm is outraged and is delisting their apps from the stores. Wonder how this will be ending.


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