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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | February 13, 2020

Archeage is a great game, but with lacking team support, you must ask yourself, would it still be worth it to play such a wonderful game? Well, yes if you would have the money for it. If you won’t have the cash for the monthly subscriptions, then dont even start the game. Patreon costs 20 euro or over 5.000 gold on the ingame market and i can ensure you that making the gold will take time… a lot of time.

Archeage was an awesome game that we could play for ages. Having some patreon with friends that was easy earnable ingame due to the low costs of a patreon membership. Back in the days, it cost us 900 Gold on the auction house. A week of trading and we could have a full month membership. Gearing up, doing some bosses and instances with friends. Sadly, this came all to an end after 3.0.

They ruined the trading system, no more charcoal cross-sea trading or trading them for Gilda stars. Going with a full squad of clan members, on your own self-made boat towards free dish island for the best money. We miss those days.

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Sadly, for me.. I’m not welcome anymore at all on the Archeage servers. They banned my account as I leaked information that they wanted to cover up. of course, I’m not letting my stuff being taken like its nothing. After 8 months of emailing over and over again. I accepted the terms and our account has been paid off from the servers.

But, they didn’t ban me on Archeage Unchained. Who knows i restart my experiences there.


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