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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | November 29, 2019

Archeage – The Re-Review

Today, we want to talk with you about the game Archeage that’s been running for years under the commands of Trionworlds and Gamigo. How is everything going in the game and does it be worth to come back after some time? That and everything else will be set to the light. Let us dig into it but before we start to talk about Archeage, we want to thank you for the support we get from you!

So, first of all. Once we joined, we already notice some changes. The way you get rewarded, more labor, new labor system and not even the option to buy random labor pots from others while we needed it the most. Well, alright then. Time for Patreon.. let’s see what the apex is on the market.. its drama.. it went from a good game towards a game that’s been farmed 24/7 by bots to make some money.

Apex costs a good whopping 3K gold. That would be or ages of work to gather this together, or you pay it with the credit card and for just 20 euro’s, you’re a member for 30 days. If you wanted to pay on the front for a whole year of Patreon, it would cost you approx 240 euro’s a Year. Besides the apex, you can also buy credits and use that for patreon ship. However, it’s not advised as it would cost over 53.000 credits, making this MMORPG game very expensive.

Do you get your items back after a while when you return? maybe. It fully depends on the person you would be talking about. some of then know their policy of CryEngine and others doenst. In the policy stands that paid items should ALWAYS return towards the rightful owners. However, for me… it’s a nogo as I’m not getting my items back. This is sad as I would have loved to come back and do a good review of the game, but the day I joined gave only more issues.

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A Player said as follows: ” its that I spent hundreds of euro’s on this game, otherwise, I was already gone from this sh*t game” and another says “The game is so broken, developers have lack and only care about money” While others are meh, no comments. It’s sad how people are thinking like this towards the game, but it has some really good legit reasons for it. People are done with the way the game goes but accepts it only because of their massive paid content.

Want to make some good money? make ages trade packs… but make sure you won’t do it before weekly maintenance.. you lose it all. A huge critical bug that’s been active for months and there is still no fix for it.

The only new thing we saw in the store, is new PAID items that we dont need over and over again. Rehashing older updates in a new jacket, made from a B200 into a croma.. only because that car can be ”painted” While loads of other items are no valid and has to be consumed for other items in return and when we will talk about the ”gift coins”.. well.. let us just skip that. they didn’t do anything about the complaints of us.

The results: Would it be advised to download and install the game?

No, rather spend your money on a game with tech support that actually helps you out and does its work. Trion worlds and gamigo are done. They just dont care about us, they only care about money. I basically lost over 30K gold and paid items of a total amount of approx 1800 euro. That’s how the support is of gamigo and Trionworlds.



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