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The tale of Archeage and its devs.

Once you get that feeling, the game is booting and you hear that beloved ”cry engine 3” sound FX. You feel exiting that the game has returned in a no pay 2 win game version, only for just 25.99, its got to be something right? After creating the account, I immediately tried to reproduce the character section bug where you would have a funny overview with too many edits on that pretty face. Everything is one big cluster fudge.

Sadly, if the game was re-released, why does the bug came back after the release of Archeage back in the days? And I’m talking about a good while back ago before they even updated the game engine completely. After playing for the first 5 min, the game crashes and after reboot, I can wait a whopping 40+ min to join the server as its badly limited towards 1000 users a server. ( if they didn’t increase it already )

Besides this, sound glitches, and many other minor child bugs, I can feel a bit more positive vibe in the game. Not everyone is being a complete toxic 12-year-old kid these days anymore even tho, people always start yelling when they getting attacked and killed, but that’s the risk you take. The pay 2 win promise is already broken. Farmhouses can be bought with credits as well for trade mansions and such. These provide additional aspects to the game and gives the user an advantage against others who doesn’t have a building up and running.

If you want to report users, their support is rather more dramatic then actual support. Even with the needed proof, they love it to throw out the ban hammer. (a few years ago, I got banned for reopening a topic about a bug that ended up being an actual bug afterward, even the support didn’t want to listen. ) We have refunded the game. It’s sad to see a game not coming towards their promises and the absolute mistake of recreating the game without knowing the bugs from the past.

If you really do want to play the game, never have been played it before, i would recommend this. However, experienced players who know the game by any other should play the free 2 play version on trion worlds itself. its way better and even its a paid membership into it, you have the full advantage of that patreon on any other game as well.


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