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Snap, i'm banned!

snap, i'm banned

Sometimes, it might happen that you get banned from our servers. This can be happening as our systems triggers that there is might something fishy about your gameplay or connection. You could also being banned for bad behavior, toxic language or not following rules. For some reasons that might occur during the bad and its source of abuse, there is a second chance option to be back in the game in notime. If you do believe you earn that chance, keep reading.

As always, we cannot keep our eyes 24/7 on the Rcon consoles for our servers. This means we dont know if someone would be hacking, being toxic or not. Therefor, we have several systems and anti hack programs running to keep the servers clean of nasty bots and ESP hackers. It might happen in some occasions that our system might ban you for no reason. Everything is cool and everything is forgotten afterwards. Issues might happen some time to time and false triggered bans can always happen.

In case you desirve a second chance, let us know trough discord the following information depening on the ban.

  • Screenshot and date of ban
  • Steam UID64 and/or playername
  • Reason why you would be banned and the reason why it should be lifted

As long you keep being polite, we will handly your request fast without any issues. Keep in mind, it might take up to 6 Hours for a unban if the ban happens between 23:00 and 11:00 ( Amsterdam GTM +1 ) as we have our sleep sessions and XP waste moments.

See our Full Community Guidelines here!

Example of being banned

  • VAC banned users with a recent ban of fewer than 90 days are not welcome on the server.
  • Users with a Game registered ban within 90 days are not welcome.
  • Users having more than 8 GameBans or VAC bans are permanently banned
  • Complaining about most likely anything we do.
  • Gambling sites in nametag like rusty pot or anything that falls under this scamming gamble section.
  • Trying to trigger a rage session in-game or on discord
  • multiple accounts on the same IP
  • Asking others to join another server.
  • Talking trash ingame is one thing, however real threats, crying about a bad server, being complete salt is however not tolerated and therefore forbidden.
  • No sex talk sessions Have a bit of respect.
  • Destroying the server population/raid hopping.

The power of the community

The power of the community is strong. We have a list of userID’s, IP addresses, and listed websites that are blacklisted and are not welcome to our community servers like that of 500 others. This list is unacceptable for anyone to expect server owners themselves.

If you would be on that list, you get banned. Simple. We want to create a toxic-free zone for our community to play a game they like without the running hillbillies and raging players because their base was raided. Players from #bloodrust gets banned, players from hellcase or advertisers for other weird scam sites are being banned and purged from the servers. This and many other sites are listed in this online sheet list to take care of the rotten apples.