Battlefield 4 – Siege of shanghai

Battlefield 4 - 24/7 siege of shanghai

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Battlefield 4 - 24/7 siege of shanghai

The Battlefield 4 server is live and running. Always interested in some good fashion battlefield 4? We got you covered! Join the epic battle and fight the enemy team in the Siege of Shanghai BF4 map. The game is running with a tick rate of 300% and the map is a conquest small map.

As of that, The community is looking for several moderators and admins to be active in the game. These admins and moderators will still be able to persist in the game. However, we don’t look on just applies to the form for being an admin or moderator. We also look into your history, experience and time on the battlefield. If you have a clean record and no war crimes ( pnkbstr check ), you might be one of the lucky ones that may support us.

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A hacker spotted? a spammer or someone who is recruiting for other platoons/servers? Report them to us and we will take care of them. Make sure you make a screenshot of the hacker/spammer and/or a video clip, upload it and send this through

You can also contact us through the discord. The discord is listed on our member’s activity feed section.

Battlefield 4 - 24/7 siege of shanghai