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The online world of social media is shocked once again after a major fraud was discovered by people all over the world. Facebook announced to fight against scammers, but their lack of knowledge made a new enemy coming on our doorstep.

You might have seen them, buy now a cream for just 14.99. a cream that helps you out cleaning stuff up. While you think, that’s cheap.. well, they have it from one website, and that’s aliexpress. Did you buy something from someone else across the social web while the person says its self-made? it is highly likely self-made indeed, but not by that person. Where it is 14.99 for the cream on some weird website, does it only costs 5 bucks on aliexpress.

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Do NOT fall for these tricks and buy the stuff yourself. That way, you can be sure you get your hands on something while its even cheaper than normal.



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