Big issue on Social media – Facebook scams ( desktops/laptops )

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As you might have noticed, some sales or ads on Facebook can be just a little to true to be perfect. Ads of being a game tester, having a better pizza than anyone else in their stores or in this case where I want to talk about is desktop computers.

Recently reports of users buying used Desktops trough social media. These easy buys can be tricky as you don’t know where it came from in the first place. As with the issue, ”I will give you 100 bucks extra to send it up with panda express” or ”ill let a delivery guy pick it up and you give him a 200 bucks tip for getting it as I will add it with the payment” are coming back but even worse this time.

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There is a new way that once, the user has bought the pc and having it back home, that after 2 weeks a strange call would be coming up, saying that he is from the local PD and that a desktop is recently been sold to you while it’s actually stolen. He keeps talking and asks if he can come over to pick up the desktop.

it is not the local PD that’s been calling, but the scammers that are after the desktop that they sold. You basically give them money and getting lifted after 2 weeks by them pretending to be a local officer in citizen clothing. This is a new way of scamming Facebook users and the reports are coming from Greece as well for Italy. Always be sure and double-check if the user is legit and not a scammer.


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