Black Forest – The first stage has started

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The first stage has started! For the first 7 days, it is not possible to raid each other in order to give everyone a nice headstart to build a nice base somewhere. While PvP is still active, users will not be able to destroy each other in their buildings.

There is however one slight downturn during the update we had. The cave system has been changed, giving us not enough space to buildup the end event properly. Even tho we have built it with a slight workaround, we hope it will remain as it is. We will be rebooting the server in an hour to see what the effects could have caused and if it would be fixed.

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If it won’t be fixed, and when the server comes online and we see its broken, we know that this will not be a solution, meaning I would go back to the drawing table for this end event stuff.  For our next update, we have some revamped zone’s in the planning as well for adding a new monument. We will also provide more “bunker ish puzzles” for those interested in it.

I’ll see you, survivors, online soon!


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