Black ops 4 – possible map returns ( speculations! )

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | May 4, 2018

Good morning everyone!

Today, i have found several hard trusted information in one of the new redesigned maps from the black ops 3 MP series. As far the map looks sick and wicked to be played on.. is something that catches my eye on.

The map is having a major redesign. It gives even a more scary feeling when the name ”prospect” comes back in the game as well. As you might have seen, is that the design itself having a bit of an mixed feeling. Space and farms. something that you just cannot put together like its nothing. that’s why i searched the information of this image.

future spaceport s-29 is the same project as well for the same rocket that was seen in this map back in the days. so my guess is that one of the maps what would come back is:




Another thing that gived me the chills was the ”prospect” sign in the map. the name was found back in black ops 2. if i had it right, it was something related with nuketown or some kind of EE. Also the farming part would give me more reasons. but for now, it will be a wild guess.

The code on the boxes.

The code on the boxes. you might have seen it. The strange code on the boxes in the map. This code is also found back in the black ops 3 zombie maps.

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what would it mean? who knows it? well, we got the answer for that! its a Hexadecimal code that’s need to be resolved in Binary – Decimal number system. The code is as following.


as we convert 110100 from Binary to Decimal, the answer of that will be 1101002 = 5210
what it will mean is something we dont know. But we hope that you can go ahead with the clues we found.! 


Forgive our dust… we are remodeling!

The sign ”forgive our dust… we are remodeling” is something that had my attention. you might not know it, but the game itself was feeling strange as well. several items in the room are the same items as we found back in black ops 2. Tiny little things can make a huge diffrence. if this would lead something, we dont know. but a warned person counts for 2.

More of these screenshots can be found back here. If you want to use the screens for your own news story or youtube video, please announce us. It will be very appreciated.


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