Branch server online – Mantonia V4.5.0b1

 Breaking news!
  • Rustorica Pve map released!
  • New weekly Updates!
  • New upcoming rust update - Farming 2.0!
  • We are looking for volunteers!

The branch server is back online and that means only one thing! New pre updates are added towards the map and you gonna love them. First of all, thank you very much for the support we have in the last few weeks. Without it, we would not even have our own custom rust survival map!

So, before i start with the list that i have done towards the map, i have listened to your suggestions and knowledge. As of for that, we have done some major changes towards the map itself. Not to be a complete dickhead towards everyone by adding and removing monuments as we have removed some monuments but also added something else in return.

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  • Added 1 new cave
  • Lowered the big mountain where dome on was with 50% as well for dome itself another 8% to create a small ”gap” in the map. ( yes, the sam sites are still there! )
  • More dry land for future mapping purposes
  • We removed the airfield monument in the snow area.
  • We have fixed the floating rock issues at the new monument from FacePunch
  • Finished up some vertical mountains with stones and a new place for the quarry.
  • Moved the oilrig large a bit further out of the map as people could get shot on land.

We have also added loot towards some monuments as a test to see how it goes and how fast it will respawn. The locations of these new loot locations shall be found by yourself and can even contain elite crates! 

Please be advised, we have limited the server slots to 50, not towards 25 as said before. Make sure to add the code within 30 seconds once you join the server, otherwise you will be automaticly been kicked from the server. The password can be found back on discord!


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