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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | May 18, 2018

As ali was announcing the new game black ops 4 even before world war 2 was a major gamble.. or not at all? well, as most people where claiming that the information was fake, the stream says otherwise.

Black ops 4 is confirmed and is coming to the stores on 12 oct this year. A freaking month sooner then normal. We are hyped about this, as its not containing a single player mode but zombies, multiplayer and.. yes people.. battle royale is coming to black op 4. But, that’s not everything. Even the new  zombies will containing the map from black ops 2 : mob of the death.

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it is wicked to hear about this game that’s being released. We surely need to see more of this. If you are thinking the same, then dont forget to signup and stay updated!


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