BREAKING – New monument coming to Rust

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Breaking news as the commits just dropped clues for the next upcoming monument! It seems that the developers of FacePunch have started to work on a new monument! This will include a boat shop, presuming it would be used for buying a boat.  The commit is stated as “fishing_village_a monument” presuming that there are more versions coming from this monument. The reason of that is related to the “a” on the end of the naming.

As we don’t know much yet what about to come included with this new upcoming monument, we could speculate on what would be coming to the game, what would you think of it? Would it be a good idea to let users buy their boats at a fishing monument? Everything could be possible in this situation. The branch is called Monument_Boat_Shop so it would be presuming to be related to a shop where users would be able to buy yourself a rowboat or an RHIB.

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Who knows some fishing gear… HOLD ON, what is now for a really long time in limbo-land? 



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