Call of duty goes hardcore against hackers

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Hackers, they are everyone its worst nightmare. Infinity Ward has had a difficult time when it comes to banning hackers from their games. One specific game called Call of Duty Warzone is one of the big issues. While the community has had a wicked time with the Battle Royale mode, the ever-presence of cheats has started to surface the world wide internet. Not to say there haven’t been other issues and bugs troubling the game, but those have proven to be an easy fix for the developers.

Identifying and perma-banning hackers, however, has proven in vain for the most part but can always be improved more and more.

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New security for Call of Duty Warzone – Text message auth

The latest security measure initiated in Warzone is a two-step authentication process. if you would be a new free-to-play user on your desktop computer, you will have to authenticate your account through a text message that you will get on your mobile phone. While this has nothing to do with identifying or banning hackers, it will essentially disable banned players from making new accounts easily. Moreover, this will also ease the process of tracking hackers. Players accessing Warzone via Modern Warfare won’t have to authenticate their accounts in this manner.

Up until now, any user perma-banned by developers could simply just make a new account and keep on going with the hacking. This is definitely a much-required security measure Infinity Ward has included in Call of Duty Warzone.


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