Call of duty mobile – The review

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Call of duty, you may know the game by its name of Modern warfare 2 or black ops series where everyone is being loaded in a small map where no one is able to even move. The big clusterfuck everyone loves so much is back once again with the Call of duty mobile ap. We have been playing the mobile game for a while now and we even have translated a few bugs back in ”alpha” when no one on the world didn’t know a thing about the upcoming app.

The App is released, so its time for a nice review! We had a blast during our gameplay. We only won over and over again. We managed to get some nifty killstreaks and ended up in the top 3 time to time. The game is so easy, while people are really trying their best to properly aim a bit, is it actually quite easy to do so.  We managed to take down the enemy team within 5 min. Our top score is 27 – 1 comparing on what I do recently if I would go against salty…. well, I would lose big time! ( nah 😛 )

The maps are coming from all kinds of Call of duty games. The black ops 1 Nuketown, MW2 fav map crash and many more.  We love it to see some old school maps coming back in the newer games that are returning.

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As when it comes to the loadout of your character, it’s huge. We have seen a whopping amount of guns, armor, lethal grenades and even a…. battle pass… aah hello microtransactions. The game is free to play but can be won easily with a little bit of cash. Some guns in the market are costing over 10.000 points and getting that would cost me 120 euros in microtransactions.  Do you want more scorestreaks? pay up, you want all items from the battle pass? pay up. Do you need some XP for your guns? pay up.

Would you like to create a clan? pay up. In the need of loot boxes? pay up.. or watch a 30-second ad that doenst make any sense at all  and the loot itself is also a complete joke. User nogame1234 had bought some currency getting something he wanted. He spent over 700 euro’s on loot boxes just to get that item he really wanted.

it is sick that games can be so innocent, but eventually sucking your money from the wallet into their bank account is something no one likes.  We got a bit disappointed afterward when we found out that almost everything is behind a paywall. Is there any other mobile game that doenst always think of cash?


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