Cash generators and scripts – How hackers get your Data

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Free diamonds generator for Clash of Clans, unlimited money hacks on GTA5, or even those weird-looking scripts that claim to give you loads of cash in the online world of Deadside. It’s fake, its a scam and everyone knows it. Sadly, Recently in the Google Search popped one question more commonly than normal. The search for Hack tools that provides you with unlimited money, items, and other weird “promises” that arent real. These are scams and will result in drama.

Today, I’m going to explain a bit about how it works. Why you should avoid these scripts, generators, and all other junk that refers themselves to any weird trainer that you don’t know anything about.

NOTE: For this blog post, we will be using the game Clash of Clans as an example. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of games and each game has fake generators and scripts. Watch out what you download on the web at all times!


The scammer its goal, getting as much as possible details from you.

Getting such a tool or script is possible and there are here and there a few that might work or have worked in the past, but mostly, its just garbage. Once you already visited their website, they already know a lot more about you then you would think of. It’s a dangerous place on the world wide web and even you can fall for a simple scam.

What these Scripts are all About?

As we already have spoken, 90% of all these so “legit working” scripts and programs, you must have that single question why people keep uploading images and actually saying it is legit?

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Simple, they are after your money and data. Hackers are always getting as many details as possible to take advantage of it. If he is a hacker and you have downloaded these scripts from hacker sources than he can steal your data and can use it for any illegal purpose.

So, please don’t randomly download scripts that you don’t know if it would work or not. Mostly, it won’t work and you ending up with malware.

Free Diamonds Generator/scripts/downloads/hooks/dll’s

There are apps in the app store and on the online web suggesting that you would be able to get as much as Diamonds as possible if you just sign up and download the app. Well, doing that is basically giving away your ID card. So please stop wasting time in finding these non-working fake apps. It’s a nogo to do this. Don’t random download anything from the web that you are not familiar with. Viruses and hacks might be coming along, especially when you would have to sign up to download a “free” tool that’s not working.

There is no free tool, no hack or whatsoever, and especially not for free. They are mostly keyloggers or nasty Viruses.

Proof of non-working Unlimited Diamond Hacks

Presuming you came here to see if you could find a tool or a hack. Well, sorry not sorry. We just want to let you know that there is no such hack, script, program or anything else in between that could provide you some free cash. We all love to play games and we love to do stuff with premium content, but unlimited cash generators are a nogo.


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