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Archeage – The Re Review

author image by Noize | Adventure Gaming News Reviews RPG | 0 Comments | November 29, 2019

Archeage – The Re-Review Today, we want to talk with you about the game Archeage that’s been running for years under the commands of Trionworlds and Gamigo. How is everything going in the game and does it be worth to…

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Archeage unchained – Review

author image by Noize | Adventure Game reviews Gaming News RPG | 0 Comments | October 27, 2019

The tale of Archeage and its devs. Once you get that feeling, the game is booting and you hear that beloved ”cry engine 3” sound FX. You feel exiting that the game has returned in a no pay 2 win…

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Pokemon – sun and moon review

author image by Noize | RPG | 0 Comments | November 30, 2017

POKEMON ULTRA SUN AND ULTRA MOON REVIEW Such as a big game, such time to spend on it to get the Pokemon you love. As pokemon go is something wicked to p[lay on the streets, the next games already been…

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