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Call of duty mobile – The review

author image by Noize | Game reviews Mobile app Reviews Shooters | 0 Comments | October 6, 2019

Call of duty, you may know the game by its name of Modern warfare 2 or black ops series where everyone is being loaded in a small map where no one is able to even move. The big clusterfuck everyone…

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Worms 3D – Steam Reviews

author image by Noize | Game reviews Shooters | 0 Comments | August 14, 2019

Worms 3D – An funny game for friends and family. As the objective is simple, you have to shoot your way out to be the last survivor on the map. The winner gets it all and the loser loses of…

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State of decay 2 ( PC/XBOX review )

author image by Noize | Adventure Shooters | 0 Comments | June 20, 2018

State of Decay 2 is a open-world battle for survival against the zombies and the mentally undead that’s been chasing you. One of the best moment is that when you need to search for items while still looking across your shoulders…

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Call of duty WW2 – DLC review

author image by Noize | Shooters | 0 Comments | January 31, 2018

Call of duty WW2 is back with an wicked DLC pack! Call of Duty is back to World War II. After a bad DLC addon with the MW remastered pack called infinity warfare ( i call it like that cuz i saw the…

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