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city island 5, a game app by sparkling society is the number one game for the elder but when it comes to kids, I rather stay away from it. Today, I’m reviewing this good looking game and its cons and pros.

As first of all, every game we download from the app store, we spend a small amount for premium goods. This way, we want to explain what the benefits will be when you buy in-game currency. This months premium goods got sponsored by a fan named nikkia as she wanted us to review this game.

As always, we started by downloading the game/app through the windows 10 store, however, you already may have seen that android and ios are also possible with this game as its supporting more phone systems.

That’s a good thing, as more loved users with this game would love to keep track on it, if they would be away on the road or if they would be stuck in traffic after a schooldays. The game is good playable and doesn’t have any hiccups when loading.

Our in-game loading was an average of 2.1 seconds. This is a really fast way to start up a game when you are on a windows desktop. Meaning, it doesn’t require a lot to load so its good for your monthly phone bills as you won’t need to download a lot.

If you are familiar with the old game sim city building game form the creators of farm ville, then you will be going to like this game as well. It all starts with an empty island, building your houses and start growing your income with your villagers to let them work for you.

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Normally, you would expect that everything good will be behind a paywall. But this game thought of it in a clever way as in-game premium content can also be bought with keys you earn while building and doing your daily quests.

An additional addon of the game is the wheel of fortune. When expending your land, you earn chips that you can spend on the wheel of fortune. It can contain various items such as golden keys, silver keys, and XP. Very often there is one coin or 2 golden coins ready to be earned. The changes that it would fall on it are small.

The downside is for me as always several subjects that I really hate. Sadly, these subjects are also found back into this game. I’m talking about gambling sound FX, it gives you a feeling that you did something good and your mind is already playing tricks on you.

The other thing is that the income of the in-game currency is slow, so slow that we are unable to level up now for 3 days as there is nothing to build and we keep upgrading everything until we are able to spend millions on buildings that earn nothing more than 20k each 45 min.

I think it could be nerfed a bit or tweaked in its income, for the rest is this game worth playing it as long you aware your children of not buying in-game currency. We bought some and we spent it in 3 min. Did we had any progress? Yes. 2 land expansions and a building of one million and the premium currency was gone by the wind.


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