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Citytopia is a mobile city-building game for android and apple, which brings in a slick a mixture between the games RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch and The only number one game Sims city from EA  features together in one neat little bundle. Buildings are unlocked and upgraded through a card system, which is nothing new to the mobile market as its just a building game like most any other game that’s been found on the mobile store.

Expect a slow start when playing the game for the first time.

If you are a big fan of RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch or any Atari product recently, then you’ll know all about cards and how they work. For you to place a building, you will need a card. So it doesn’t matter if you have found a card before because if you place the building down then you have used that card. A lot of players find this as a barrier they can’t get past, as it deliberately slows down your progress to make your city more of a labor of love. Not to mention we can upgrade each building, so if you are looking to build a metropolis like a trailer shows off, you will need to spend a lot of time doing the basics and collecting cards.

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Several Basic tips

Speaking of doing the basics, One thing to remember before I get into the tips, if you spend money on the in-game currencies you will progress a heck of a lot faster than a free-to-play player. Although these tips apply to anyone, they are written with the free-to-play players in mind. There is even a high likely chance that some of the buildings can only be bought with ingame cash that you can buy with microtransactions. Its however strongly NOT advised to buy these “packages” as playing for free would take only a bit more time then having items being paid.

  • Don’t build multiple bread factories. At the start of the game, they give you money and hope. You might take this money and notice that a lot of your houses need bread, therefore, I will make a lot of bread. Well, this is not a good idea long term. Building multiple factories for the same resource at the start of your game is a waste of time, money and labor. It’s a trap that will ensure slow progress and will waste your time or money to build more factories or houses for workers.
  • Save your money. This links on to the tip above, you need to save your cash. Yes, over time you will make your money back no matter what you do, but can you afford to make a pittance in the meantime? If you want to fund an empire, you need to avoid building decorations or other pointless items that take up a lot of space. Prices could easily get up to millions and that takes time to collect. Especially when you have to spend money on other buildings due to missions and such.
  • Space is a luxury. When you start the game, you will have more money than space, which is a good thing. You want to expand, but expanding costs a lot of money. Buying a plot of land will cost a good couple thousand coins, and then it will cost even more to place a single building on top. Sometimes when you rank up, you will get more space for free, so try to wait for these opportunities to expand. It’s even possible to buy them with microtransactions. Dont do this, just hold tight and wait a bit. It will save you a few bucks in your wallet.
  • Build multiple resources. This tip links back to the very first tip I gave. Your citizens will want whatever luxury item or resource you have just unlocked. Whether its socks, peanut butter or milk, your citizens will want some. So, you shouldn’t make multiple factories of the same resource at the start of your game. Only build new factories once you have unlocked a new resource.
  • Enjoy the wait timers. Know those days where we all had to wait for days on Clash of clans for an update? I don’t mean sit there and smile while you wait. I mean put your phone down or leave while they go on. The best option would be to stagger your timers, so while some end, new ones are beginning. Meaning you spend your time between waiting for old-timers to end and setting new timers to begin. But eventually, the timers get longer and longer and that’s when you should enjoy doing something else in the meantime.


Bugs and glitches paradise

  • No images. At the start of the game, you will be spammed with a lot of freebies and missions that you have completed will provide cards. Most images and ingame content is missing or doenst work as it should be working. Even their “buy cash” icon was flashing several colors at the same time.
  • Save your money. Besides ingame currency, does this also count for your wallet. Microtransactions are looking small Quik payments of a small amount you could miss, but doing it more often could end up with a big bill. Some buildings doenst even give you the needed items while it’s suggested in the information of the building itself. People even said that they never received the items they paid for.
  • Battery draining like a boss. The game itself is great, but the effects and ways of being shown on the mobile phone make your phone thirsty for power. Playing the game for 45 min would most likely drain 50% of your battery.
  • Bad reactions on scrolling. It’s almost impossible to grab buildings and move them across the board. Make sure that if you would replace buildings, that you take the time for it. Doing this could be stressful as dragging mostly fails.


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