Closing down DayZ – Reasons

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Today, we will be closing down our last DayZ server. This comes unexpectedly for those playing on it, but we have to talk with you about something when it comes to DayZ.

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The Game is unstable. We had recently some server outages and a lot of information is misplaced. We recently added DayZ towards our list. A slick new map came out and we had 2 running servers steaming with plugins like mad. Plowed some freaking zombies and we had fun. But, even fun has its limits.

Last 2 weeks, I have to update 27 times 4 plugins over and over again. It’s nonsense why we have to do this over and over again and especially in a specific order as the whole steam installer is completely broken. Before you update, you have to delete the key that’s from the owner, so you have to go into FTP first, dragging out the key, go back towards the website and update the plugin. Then, you go back to the FTP, download the key and reupload it into the keys folder.
Some time to time, I dont mind to do it. But, if it happens almost every single day, it kinda gets annoying. I removed a single plugin, and the whole drama begins again from the start. If even 1 single code is wrongly placed, everything else could get fucked up.
As of that, I’m closing the server. Who knows we might be able to rerelease them once the server and its data is more working and trustable then what we have now.


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