Coming soon – Arkadia PvP

 Breaking news!
  • Rustorica Pve map released!
  • New weekly Updates!
  • New upcoming rust update - Farming 2.0!
  • We are looking for volunteers!

Coming soon to the gaminghq community, a small 3k map battleground for those that want to shoot their steamy bullets everything that’s walking including other players. With the map being small, you will most likely be coming across other players. With a limitation on proper building locations, it’s your task to conquer and maintain your fort. Are you able to survive or would you die trying for the nifty loot?

This map is a TRIO player session only to make it more enjoyable with friends during your raid sessions. We will be running some plugins on it, but not too much. We have planned as for now to have these plugins added to the server. ( this could change )

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  • FREE Daily and weekly kits.
  • 50% of upkeep settings
  • Player ranks
  • Botspawn
  • Hardcore patrol
  • Dangerous Treasures Event

We are not able to spoil more yet, as the map is going to made generated and not built from the ground up, we dont need to do a lot for this to make it all work. But, for now its still in its early phase and shall not be online yet. 


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