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GamingHQ business

While GamingHQ is active in the gaming sector for his community members, does it also works and supports the developers who create games that we basically play. The community is always into new reviews, gameplay and new content and we love to give it to them.

GamingHQ provides besides that also creations of translated gamefiles from english into dutch as we already have done with the familair game Idle miner tycoon in the past as well for the addiotnal support towards catan universe.  With over 10K subscribers across all our social platforms, we always know where the audience will be to reach for your product or game to be present and to be shining bright like a diamond.

Why choosing us?

Why choosing us? that’s a fair question with one simple awnser. We are purely independent. If we see games coming to life that speaks to us, we would love to be a part of it. From MMORPG games to the ultimate shooters, survival or the beloved zombie games for those scare junkies. we can look beyond the barriers of what the game is created for.

Minor bugs or major one’s, we dont mind them. We love it actually, even its not fun to have a bug in the game, they may sometimes give you that extra smile and boost for your daily work. We dont ask for payments when it comes to reviewing games or getting paid to make ”fixed reviews” for our customers, we only reach those who desirves a review based on gaming experience.


Interested? Feel free to contact us. We would love to take your creations up for a spin. With our knownledge and gameplay experience, we would love to play the game and review it afterwards. We dont do anoying videos with a load of talking or yelling in livestreams. Pure based gaming content with decent gameplay.

We have worked and are partnered with several branches such as kolibri games, ncsoft, gameforge, chubby pixel, fragnet gameservers and they are positive about our work and support.

Contact us!