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What seems so promising, ends up in a complete nightmare. For anyone who is aware of cookiebot and for those who is not aware of them, cookie bot provides you the ability to scan your website for cookies as the new EU laws are getting harder every year, we have to go with it. Our website counts some cookies as well. These can come from google ads, battle matrics for the rust server and even some security cookies so that only you will be able to log in on the website with your account.

if you would be with someone else at their desktop, the browser won’t know your recent visit and will highly think that you would be just a new visitor who recently joined the website.  These cookies will remain for a year and gets removed afterward but you can even always opt-out from all of them.

All these cookies are being scanned by cookiebot, while promising that everything under the 200 pages won’t be charged. What you will be charged is the fact that they keep some information behind after you have made an account. As they suggest of 200 pages, they dont include the fact that every single page is being scanned. Even all your images, plugins, posts so if you would made a whopping 100+ reviews, in like 10 kinds of categories and then even counting every single news topic, we would be coming out of a total of 2976 pages.

Scanning for all the cookies may even temporarily break your website. Thanks to cookiebot, my website was being visited by the bot, sadly this also triggered google Adsense again of having ”invalid traffic” and they have another reason to basically shut me down of showing ads by the plugin.

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This actually means that my free program automatically turns into a paid version. A whopping 30 euro’s + a month to maintain cookies and everything while another WordPress plugin would do the same for just 49 bucks a year with full support while at cookiebot, you have to pay a large amount of cash each month in order to get 24/7 support, otherwise it may take upon 5 days before they reply. I rather give cookie monster a lifetime supply of cookies instead of spending 30+ euro’s a month on a single plugin.


Would I recommend the plugin towards others?

No, I do not recommend this plugin to be used, only if you would be able to pay a large amount of cash each month in order to keep everything running. A piece of small advice, if you have a WordPress website, if you won’t have any plugins and you stay under 4 pages total with own content, without even a single image, you would be remaining under the 200 pages, after that, you will already be above those 200 pages.

GDPR cookie consent is a perfect alternative and will end up cheaper. The plugin is also been seen active on websites such as T-Mobile, BCC, New york times and that list keeps growing every day!



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