Custom puzzles still broken – Black Forest

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Hello there survivors, Noize here with today’s information based on our map Radsz. As we mentioned before, due to updates of FacePunch, Blast doors won’t go open as it should be going open when it comes to our custom mapped content where our puzzles are located.

Because of that, there will not be any puzzles to play at this time. We will provide a sign on the location that the puzzle should be avoided as it could lead you into trouble.

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This means that the red door puzzle on Trainyard, The underground section at the Launch site, and the front entrance of an underground system on P15. Keep in mind that these locations might be bugged out and that it won’t work as it should be intended to work. We will be searching for a fix and otherwise, we will remove that section and redo it in a new but nicer way.

We also noticed that there are some users joining and leaving again instantly that never joined or played on our servers before. If you would be thinking of getting its map content, then we have some bad news for you. Its password protected. If you would be interested to obtain the map for your server, please contact me through our contact form.


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