Darksiders 3 – The review

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Darksiders 3, yes people. We have a new Darksiders game! woohoo as we all were thinking that day when the announcements where made. However, as the gameplay and story remain mostly the same, we quitted with the game after 3 hours of playing.

Wait? Why?

The game itself is awesome. The graphics are stunning and the beginning was looking to be promising. But when we needed to fight our first boss, it kinda gets into full repeat mode as what we had with Darksiders 2 and Darksiders 1. The same actions, a way of attacking was okay but we just missed one big person in the picture. Our well-beloved horsemen were replaced by some chick who had a weird voice in my opinion. The weapon it had made me more wanted to quit the game already. But after keeping it for another additional one hour, we just could not keep on going with the game itself.

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We wish we had a lot of positive things to say about our experience, but the game is most likely the same as always and nothing was getting better into it except for the graphics itself. We would even be expected that the intro was more animated then what we had before. It felt we did a group talk session with Mambo Jambo behind the fire statues with some guy imprisoned with chains that he easily could remove by himself to talk about death, war and as usually searching for an item.

It’s a shame we didn’t get what we would be expecting with the new game. We already didn’t want to make a full review of it, but still gave it a chance. It was good for us that we didn’t do it in the first place.


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