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Today, we have added a new plugin to the server of DayZ. Say hello towards dynamic trader prices, an addon for the trader plugin that creates dynamical prices depending on rarity, common and uncommon but also when the players are really interested in the items, the price will rise and the market will be buying in at higher prices than normally.

As because of that, we also made some changes depending on the drop table for rubles. We had some reports that users are getting hundreds of rubles by just visiting some small villages or even just a simple house. After seeing that indeed a lot of money is spawning in the game, we have removed the 100, 50 and 25 rubles spawns from the list in order to make it a bit more harder to generate some money.

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Sadly, as I was hoping for this, we managed to generate over 20k of rubles within 24H after the server got wiped, as its frustrating of having a load of money, we want to rebalance the prices more with the new plugin as so that Dynamic Trade Prices came into the game.

We also want to report that one of the plugins we use, some of their items containing a discord link of their community. This is strictly against the terms and agreement of the steam workshop and actions will be taken. For now, please do not visit the discord link provided in those items, we will be removing this once finished.



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