DayZ – Arkadia Roleplay – Offline.. for now

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Good afternoon people. I would like to let you guys know that we will not open the dayz server today. This will be rescheduled towards tomorrow to see if the devs of fragnet can find a solution for the ongoing drama that’s happening at the modding community of dayz. This, with a lot of pain, when you would see the error coming up. Something you don’t like to see happening.

The creation of the world is being weird, there is a file called “world_4” where this error occurs. This affects an average of 25 popular mods including base building plus, code lock, air raid, OP base furniture, and so on. These plugins are being used on our server and its sad to see that we are not able to boot it with these mods added. Even if we would add one mod to the server, the whole server gets messed up.

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But, that doesn’t mean we can share news and updates! As of today, we have released our discord section for DayZ. If you are an online gamer in dayz and willing to hop online as soon the server gets back online, then apply the DayZ rank today by going towards the roles channel on our discord channel.



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