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Welcome to Arkadia

Start your survival today!

Due to the latest drama on the DayZ community workshop section and the lack of interest, the team decided to drop the DayZ server and close it for good.


No man could have possibly imagined that a land like chernarus would ultimately sign the extincion of all civilization. The world would appear blindedfolded about the work of rebuilding a broken country would eventually perish. The peace that was achieved was going to be buried. Nobody thought something like this could happen, because that’s only movies and TV shows. And the likelihood that something catastrophic did occur most people trusted the authorities and government to do the right thing and protect their beloved citizens. The connectivity of a modern society had led the human race like lambs into a forest full of wolves. We assumed the best and did not pay attention to what was actually happening. Ignorant, self-absorbed people who knew everything and yet understood nothing. Those observant individuals that saw it coming were too few and were disregarded, branded as conspiracy theorists and nerds. What they saw coming was not the plague only, but how humanity’s illogical handling of a logical crisis would ultimately doom it to near-extinction. Global chaos that had been seen in the past will not compare to what will be seen in the coming days… or after those days had passed.


No-one really talks about what the government is hiding from us right? I mean, they always keep these secrets. Why didn’t we the civillians get a warning, but the government people got a heads up for that this shit-show. Aw fuck it, i mean we got way too many problems these days like… These flesh-eating folk trying to end us and there’s bandits and just to top it all off we have bears and wolves beacause why not? Alright alright let’s be formal here shall we? Welcome to Chernarus the land of many beautiful forest and wildlife. We have one issue you know.. hmm we call them infected. You see if you see something humanoid and just start to scream at you and it is aggressive, well that’s them. Best option is to avoid them at all cost, but if you got a sweet Rifle and you think you can take them down. Go for it! One less infected is better then nothing. But keep these rifles are handy, if you can survive long enough to find one. Oh, and one thing before you turn your radio off… you are not alone.

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Base Building

Start the survival good and setup base. Nothing is better then a solid base protecting you from the flesh-eating freaks that are wandering around the lands. Even wildlife might suprice you in the act. Be sure to stay save soldier!

The world is a mess

There is blood everywhere. The infected are a high risk for human society. The people that left the lands made a huge mess. The world is to an end and there is no one that can stop that. but, who knows you might something valuable scattered around the world of Chernarus.

Traders and cash

If something doenst go away, its diehard cash. Once you have joined the server, we already given you a nice amount of cash to start with. Find one of the many ATM’s to see your balance. Something the government seems to think its still important these days. Who knows it might be your lucky day by finding rubbels on the ground while scavenge around.

An arsenal of Guns and ammo

What’s a game without a decent amount of guns and blades? That’s right. We have added over 70+ guns in the game. From most commonly used guns to the ultimate rarest weaponairy you cant find normally in a police office. Are you willing to take the risk and go for the big loot and big guns?

Airdrops from a weird crazy guy

Someone at the department still thinks that the military is still rolling out the weapons and maintaining the lands from those bugging flesh-eating zombies. Time to make some good use of it! Who knows you might even find yourself a extra flare to throw it yourself.

An arsenal of cars

With over 10 different kind of cars as well for those that are already in the game, does all those cars have parts. All those parts can be bought at the trader or found in the game while wandering around. Who knows your lucky and find a car that’s ready to go.

Kits and barrels

Nothing is better then a base with furniture then a base without a furniture. Several mods from the steamworkshop provides the ability to obtain more and the ability to find awesome kids that you can use. From gun racks, till storage chests. How would you like to paint your walls?

The danger of Radiation

Sadly, radiators started to leak when the power was shut down. Radiated clouds are found on some area’s. Watch out and proceed with caution! Make sure you have the proper gear to enter the zone! Being radiated will become painfully and could result in a bad ending. Make sure to take the needed meds with you in case of exposure!

Redux doggo's

What’s even worse then a wulf or a bear? Redux doggo’s. Watch out for these nasty buggers, they attack without notice and could make you sick during your trip around the map. The medical might be nearby, but lets hope you will find your way to it on time. Being sick or getting sick could end up badly if actions wont be taken.


For those not willing to build their base or just want to have some fun, can come over to the Sanctuary. A place where everyone can meet, trade and sit around the fire. Here is where you can find the admins as well. Come over for any questions or suggestions.

50+ foods and drinks

Over 50 kinds of foods and drinks can be found on the map as well, making it a bit less hard to survive if you would be hungry. Noone likes it to die of hunger while the zombies will feast on your body.

Fight crime, help the survivors

What’s even worse then flesh eating zeds? Well, yes. humans that doenst know the rules. Thieves, they are always around the corner. Gang up together and fight crime, bringing peace once again in the lost worlds of Chernarus.

Join the community!

Its your path, your destiny

Are you a true roleplayer? Well, this server is mostly designed for roleplay purposes. Big large woods to get lost in, randomly finding a small shelter, a perfect spot to buildup your base. Or, would you rather like to be a diehard trader and support the community of resources? Everything is possible as long you want to go for it.