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YES, people, the loot table is fixed once again, making it more surprising what you would be able to find in the game! We have been working day in day out and it seems that everything is coming to their places.  We had discovered the issue after checking out the other 2 plugins. There is a code called nominal on every single item that could be found in the game. This provides the number of spawns after the server gets rebooted. This was placed on 0, so no guns could be spawning into the game.

We have been working on the clock to make the spawns happen as I had to dig into 25.000 lines of an ”XML” file. But, everything is working now as it should be working and we are happy about it! Besides this, the only other issue we still have is the trader, but once that’s done then we are fully done and then the server can go towards its next stage.

We might be having some great sick information that there are people working on a plugin that would make the DayZ game sessions going to a whole another level. Boats, choppers, planes, cars and more are in the creation. Let’s wait for it and hope for the best! More information once we know more!


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