DayZ expansion mod – The biggest fail in DayZ modding history

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You might have seen it. Mostly 70% of all game servers on DayZ is running with the DayZ extension mod. The mod that everyone has been hoping for came online a few months ago, and the first hate speeches are dropping in like bread being sold as a freight train.

Hundreds of plugins are broken thanks to the DayZ extension mod as they most likely used every single resource and hook they could get their hands on. Code pads are broken, tents are broken, weapons, cars, base-building.. just name something and the drama starts.

One of these modders is Axobi and diesel. They stated as follow

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I recommend removing dayz-expansion mod from your server, then you dont have any problems, because dayz-expansion is overwriting a lot of scripts and this is causing problems.

As a result, they even disabled the commits section of their modded content pages on steam, as server owners started to rage and being salty against other modders while the biggest trash mod DayZ expansion is the cause of it.

Are you playing on a DayZ server and sick about the trash mods people keep adding? Join us! We will never add this trash mod to our list, especially not if it doesn’t get fixed.


As for the donations for the Expansion mod that people wanted to see so badly, you won’t see a dime of it in return. A lot of people are feeling scammed but that’s what we are trying to warn people for. There are scammers and people who think they can mod but eventually, can’t do anything are on the steam workshop pages, trying to find victims for their own benefits. Complaining at Steam/valve or DayZ is not an option as they all would say the same. Some of these users even toke a lawyer under their wings, but it’s highly likely not going to escalate as even they would say the same.


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