DayZ Modding community hits bottom line – crying kids, DMCA drama and pointing fingers.

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The dayZ community is hitting the ground when it comes to creations and workshop items in the steam store. Recently, the plugin called – advanced airdrop was flagged as a DMCA takedown by a random user that re-uploaded its work and claimed it to be his work with a DMCA takedown report. As this is not the case, did it went from a random false DMCA report into a full show of children pointing fingers to each other.

Like, there is way more to be talked about. For example the terms of services from Valve itself that, once you upload a workshop mod into the steam workshop, you lose your rights to it. Simple. The children, however, know better and started to point fingers to each other. Yes people, adult people crying like children about a workshop item. How low can this line go?

Well.. it can go lower than it’s now already. People being perm banned because the owner of the plugin doesn’t like to comments from some people. Power abuse is also against the terms and agreement of Valve as well for the devs of dayz. You can have admin rights for your own game server, but even then you have to follow up on the rules. Simple. One user seems already to be banned at 20 different kinds of “dayz” community servers while not even being there in the first place. Giving them no reason to ban a user.

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When it comes to the school of children, they will find out soon or later that it’s not allowed and that they are against the terms and agreement of valve, basically hanging themselves when crying over and over again about repacking. It’s allowed to repack, unpack, and everything in-between as you don’t have the rights on it anymore. Would you like to make something but don’t want to share it? Then don’t even start modding on steam.

The next fun fact, you are NOT allowed to sell your prefabs for huge prices. Small compensation is always allowed to be asked or monetization of your game server is also allowed anytime you want without even the need for asking permission on it. Valve terms of Service be like.


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