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author image by Noize | , , , , | 0 Comments | November 18, 2019

Good morning everyone.

Today, we want to announce that the DayZ server will be going through its second stage of the month. We want to think of the best options and mods that we could be adding towards the server and making sure no one their heads are being blasted away due to some poor admin panel control.

Yes, we use zomberry and its shitty asf. We are hoping that we are getting a decent Rcon tool soon. ( if you know a good one besides for ”tulip” let us know! ) This means we would be able to create some custom events for the members of the community.

The server will remain closed and only playable by players that are having the password as well for the right to join the server in the first place.

Do you play DayZ? Or have you played it before but willing to come back for a rematch? You should! There is so much upcoming, including all fixes for all items in the game including new upcoming items, animals and even a new upcoming map!


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