DayZ server issues – Dev looking into it

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Good morning everyone.

After the dramatic few days of wandering where the actual fudge all the guns went, we deinstalled the FidoV pack. This pack was meant to be added into the game as a client-side, but also as a server-side. But, because the server could not even spawn these items in the game, we had to take the plugin down till further notice until there is a proper update for it.

As of for that, we contacted our partners of fragnet, they explained to us that there is an ongoing issue with duplicated BiKeys. We need those in order to have you seeing the guns and content that we have added.

if you dont install the mods and join the server, you won’t see it, it won’t work and you won’t be able to interact with it. You could eventually even getting the feeling that you being shot down by a naked guy 300m away from you with a barret sniper while you see him as a naked guy. For him, its a fully geared guy, for you, he is naked.

As for now, they are trying to add some plugins towards the game that wasn’t able to do for us as well for the checkup on why the server crashed some time to time out of nowhere.


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