DayZ: Trader outpost updated & more

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The trader outpost is updated at our DayZ server. After a long time of rework, we managed to add the guns, ammo, mags and a bunch of extra’s into the game. But, that is not all. We have done many more things with the server lately and we will be explaining this here. Feel free to join and have some fun on the server. Keep in mind, the server is not limited to PvE, we want to create a true survival, so more zombies are added as well. Never randomly shoot a gun without letting others know. Before you know, it might be too late.

You can Team up with the admin to survive, but you are also free to wander the worlds by yourself. No need to be shy, ask us anything and we can help out. We have rather never had the experiences in the first place when we bought the game and started a server from nowhere. We dont mind to share knowledge, feel free to contact us.

Dynamical trade prices

Ever wanted to be a kingpin in money? well, its time to buy and sell on the markets! The trader has recently been updated with dynamical prices. The more a user is interested in the item, the higher the buy price will be. But, Be aware, the stock may run out! Help the community along by buying and selling your items and start trading!

Driveable Truck added

We have added a Driveable truck that can drive any road or dirt road in any way you prefer.  This neat truck has a capacity of 1400 storage slots and can hold up towards 6 players. Find it today in the game, search the items together and build this masterpiece. ( Please note: You CANNOT buy this in the trader market  )

Toxic zones – Green gas is not a fun way to troll around.

Do you want the good loot? There might be a chance that you could come across a toxic cloud! Gear up in your suit and start lurking around. Be aware, there might be more than just some radiation clouds. Search for toxic chests and the loot is yours!

Guns added, ammo added, mags added.. what else?

We have added over 25+ drinkable, eatable items placed in the game. From mountain dew to monster energy drink. Enjoy the extra’s, but keep in mind, water is always prior to number one. Keep in mind, we added also some guns, ammo, and mags into the trader’s market and added this on the loot drop table.



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