DayZ update – 1.07 is out now

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DayZ has updated towards 1.07 on PC and 1.10 on console versions. What’s coming this time to the game and what do we see? Well, some answers are ready to be given. But, first of all, thank you for those that are coming online on the DayZ server. It’s something new we have and we hope to do more with it in the future.

As you might have noticed, doors open and close way faster and better than before, inventory bug has been fixed and so much more. If you would be interested to search for the newly added mapping on chernarus, check out stary sobor, one of the locations where the new amusement park is located.

DayZ Update 1.07 Patch Notes


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  • Added Amusement parks across the map of chernarus.
  • Added some new guns including buckshot + box
  • Cleaned houses for better walkthrough
  • Bears are now wandering on both maps.
  • Thunder/rain FX improvements. It might rain for over an hour but it can also be gone within 10 min.


  • Fixed: A server crash caused by inventory manipulation
  • Fixed: Missing icon for the night vision goggles attachment slot
  • Fixed: NVG’s were not operable while holding an item in hands
  • Fixed: Door of the Radio Station would spawn opened half-way


  • Changed: Non-lethal ammo configuration against players and zombies
  • Tweaked: The sun or moon were disappearing during certain weather conditions
  • Tweaked: “Bright” night darkness during stronger overcast
  • Tweaked: The pickaxe can build watchtowers and fences again
  • Tweaked: Guts and fat from human bodies cause brain disease
  • Tweaked: Increased Repeater damage



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