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As of yesterday, the release of the next patch was out and the first new freshly bug reports are pouring in. One of them is the frustrating solution that the devs of deadside have set. Admins are not able to spawn in items into the game. Why and the reason that they have done this is basically very simple to answer.

At this current moment, there are no logs that indicate who spawned in what kind of item. Giving it a hard task on those admins that love to run around with OP weapons and pretends to have it all settled and that they are earned the legit way. Also, the game itself is still in an early state. Bugs may occur during the developing session even without knowing what could break in the future.

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Besides the conclusion of the tools that where admins are not able to be spawned in, does this not mean for server owners. These admins are only able to spawn in items. All admins that are assigned as admins are able to spawn on location by teleporting with the icons in the admin tab section ingame.


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