Deadside Beta – HMR scope

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Good afternoon folks, Noize here with today’s information about the HMR scope. As many of you know, Deadside beta has released its 0.1.7 patch that included a few awesome new scopes to be played with. As many of you are playing the game, does some of you wonder what is going on with one of the scopes, the HMR.

The HMR scope does NOT have a red dot sight at the moment. Rumors said that recently, during the hotfix, these dots were missing from the scopes, But presuming that they are already working on a fix for you to be downloaded. When this is, we don’t know but we will keep you updated once that update goes live. Also, a good tip to be aware of, scopes can now also be hiding in certain small crates, same as for tier 2 weapons. Yesterday, we found a few new crates and one of those crates has a thick jackpot waiting for us. We ended up with a thick 40k wallet in the first round.

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In other news, New trains have been added, a few tanks and a few new cars cross the whole map. These vehicles are static prefabs, interaction is not possible.


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