Deadside beta – Patch notes

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Yes! The deadside patch is out and there is much new content yet again to be discovered! While we have been waiting for a small period of time, the devs of deadside made something together this time that everyone would love. We talk about guns, scopes, and a surprise from around the corner, a few extra tweaks and nerfs on the map. Let’s get into it! For those willing to stay updated, join our discord! We have daily news depending on the game: deadside!

Gameserver changes

Firstly, the community of deadside has opened a few official servers especially for those willing to play without the 3rd user view. So, for those that like to play as a first-person only, this is your chance!

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Code locks for base doors

Now you can equip your bases doors with a code lock. Ordinary doors, which are available for opening only to the base owner, will be accessible for users even if the base owner would not be online. As long as you have the code, you can enter it.


Get cozy with your friends at your placed campfire. Feel the night dew coming on your face, the soft winds and the sounds of snapping fire. The campfire lives only a limited amount of time and can be put out at any moment.


New firearms


Optical sights


New VISUAL content (decorative military and rail equipment)

Improved Steam integration

  • – Blacklist now available in chat (RBM on chat message – steam profile – block all communication)
  • – Steam now has a list of players you’ve played with on one server (Shift+Tab – “View players” – “Recent games”)

Sound system

  • – New weapon sounds: gunshots, reloading, etc.
  • – New sounds of footsteps
  • – New audio system for the wind noises, forests, seas, rivers, and lakes.
  • – Added music while you’re loading
  • – Added audio settings for voice chat and microphone

Admin panel

  • -Added option to download kill logs
  • -Added option to change max number of people for the squad
  • -Added option to reserve slots for admins
  • -Fixed restarting schedule not working properly on private servers

Chat fixes

  • – Added ability to copy a message
  • – Added ability to answer message by double-clicking on it


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