Deadside beta – Server issues

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Good morning folks. Today we want to inform you about the ongoing issues on our deadside servers. Please be advised of possible lag spikes, DC’s, Freezes, and long loading times. There are some issues and they are noticeable. We have collected some of these most common issues and put them into a list. Perfect for those willing to know what the users their complaints are the most to take actions. Yes, this post is meant for the devs of deadside, just to give them a small breath when it comes to people yelling about ongoing issues in the chat.

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Server issues

  • Freezes during joining game session
  • Lagspikes during PvE actions
  • Lagspikes during PvP actions
  • Rubberbanding when going inside buildings ( stepnoe is a real pain at radio beacon )
  • Items are not consumed in some weird moments
  • Sounds are bugged out
  • Shooting gun drops FPS with 10 FPS.

G-portal issues

It seems that G-portal is also having some issues at the moment. Recently, several complaints suggested they are not able to login to their account at all. Keep in mind this might be related to G-portal their end as we had an OAuth error.


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