Deadside Beta – The long road to 0.1.8

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As the game is running in its full glory, is the 0.1.8 update coming closer each day. during this update, there will be some nifty new content being published. But, where are the small little sneak peeks? well, everyone is wondering this. But, if we would look at that huge list that they have provided us, we will surely know that this upcoming update is going to be a blast.

We talk about airdrops, a helicopter flying over, or even crashing on a crash site. As presumed, we will have the feeling that there will be some hostiles lurking around, so prepare to get bullets blazing everywhere.

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The world of Deadside is vast open spaces full of bushy forests and abandoned settlements. Players will have an area of ​​about 225, entangled by a network of roads and rivers, but during the early state, we have only a limited amount of land where we can wander around. But, what if there would be clue’s on the map on where the next update could be, would you go after it and hunt it until you find it, or would you die trying?

The devs of deadside are keeping us in a big surprise when it comes to the next upcoming update, it been a month when the last update had rolled out, who knows that soon or later, the next upcoming update will be rolling out the steam wagon.


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